Apr 28, 2023


Thank you. I'm diagnosed autistic, but my clinician didn't pursue an adhd dx. I'm 70, dx at 63.

The psychologist felt that "autism trumped adhd." This was almost 7 years ago. He might say something different today...

I have not pursued a formal dx of ADHD. But I come out fairly high in the online tests.

I was hyperlexic as a kid. Tested high, 3 standard deviations, on grade school IQ tests. But this declined to under the "gifted" level as I aged.

Strangely, I rarely read long texts any more,. My reading comprehension declined with after late 20s as well.

I look forward to your explorations! I only mention my experience in the hope it resonates somewhere along on your research journey.

AuDHD has sucked for me. I'd like for it to go better for better for folks today. Hoping my experience helps.