Authentic Autistic Life: 4 Short Stories Fearless, Joyful & Chaotic

13 min readMar 6

Season 3’s mission? To boldly explore living authentically autistic… out loud. That first story? Living fearless online? Carving out a safe space to be our true autistic selves… a big part of that quest.


Here’s AutisticAF Out Loud, Season 3, Episode 2…

4 stories. But, right now? I’m hot to spill the first. So, let’s jump right in…

And talk later…

I call this one, “How To Be Strong, Fearless & Actually Autistic… Online.”

Cuz that’s what I wanna be.

Hey, do you feel safe on social media… openly autistic?

Hate speech. Bigotry. Cyberbullyies… Then facing your inbox. Scams. Creepy strangers “contacting” you…

For what? So we can kayak the white waters of stone-cold, ableist judgment. And its kissing cousin… humbug condescension.

Cuz folks “just wanna help.”

It DOESN’t have to be this way. We can build our own village. Folks we like to hang with. And who like to hang with us.

Choosing to not please everybody is a fearless act. And it hasn’t shrunk my world.

I’m in a great Facebook conversation. With an autistic Trump supporter… who’s making me think.

Love it.

NOT how it usually goes. The insults, mockery… and ultimate weapon…


But with this friend? She knows I’m a socialist. I know she’s Libertarian. But we trust each other not to cause pain. Rare for me…

See, like some autists, I’m not great at back-and-forth.

I can hurt feelings. Or come across like a know-it-all. Last thing I want. I love people. And grok the pain condescension inflicts… firsthand.

So… I don’t try to convert anybody. To anything. Not online. Not in real life.

When I encounter hostility? Rivalry? I choose to not escalate. I choose the least hurtful path for me… and others.


I'm Johnny Profane. 70. Pretend Rock Star… Cuz it's ALL cosplay. I was born before autism was invented... More or less.