Opening title card for brief video. Headline reads: “Tell Me Your Autistic Joy… without telling me. Background: A sunlight photo of an elderly Johnny Profane in sunglasses and fedora hat standing in front of an Indiana country pasture.
You must comply… or be assimilated…

I’m trying to amplify the concept of Autistic Joy.

Diagnosis, symptoms… Sure.

How about sharing what makes an autistic life worth living?!

It’s easy to get a discussion going on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts. Ya throw up a “Challenge”… and hope for virality. (☑️Done)

Article continues below…

Click to play… what could it hurt… just 12 seconds!

But how about quick results for the READING public…?

Those of us who still do…

Getting tougher everyday… Help me out!

👉Post a video comment or response with the hashtag #AutisticJoy… if you can.
👉Tell… in as much detail as you love… about your autistic joys in a comment below.
👉Simply share with a friend… you know cares.
👉Talk about autistic joy everywhere, anywhere… you find appropriate.

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“Not My Friend,” original illustration by Johnny Profane Âû for an article on sexual abuse…

I got invited to an #autistic art contest. Who knew it was a thing?

Blew my mind… Let’s say no instructor ever singled me out for a career…

I submtted 6 originals… all autistic victims of violence.

This cause moves me.

#actuallyautistic #adhd

Captioned to aid audio processing

👉Reproducible, hi-res…






I'm Johnny Profane. 68. Pretend Rock Star… Cuz it's ALL cosplay. I was born before autism was invented... More or less.